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Training is a key activity of the IOI global network. The Institute's flagship interdisciplinary training programme has been conducted at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia each summer since being initiated by Elisabeth Mann Borgese in 1981. This two-month programme on Ocean Governance: Policy, Law and Management emphasises the importance of viewing the ocean as a system with varied users and multiple, often competing and conflicting, uses. It also aims to increase awareness of the fact that ocean management requires broad interdisciplinary skills, new institutional and legal infrastructures, and new forms of intergovernmental and non-governmental organisation and cooperation at the local, national and international levels. Training consists of over 200 hours in the classroom, and includes lectures, interactive discussions, field trips, simulations and exercises, individual participant presentations, and an international round table.

2017 Training Programme

The next Halifax course is provisionally scheduled for 24th May to 21st July 2017. Details will be posted online nearer the time, but potential candidates should check the:
  • course announcement and
  • What to Expect, as well as the
  • general course video prepared by intern, Emily Stewart (60 MB m4v file - open with e.g. VLC media player).

    It would also be helpful to review the information listed below for the 2016 and 2015 courses, including feedback from one of the 2016 participants, to get a sense of the format and content of the programme. The application form can then be downloaded and returned. Completed forms must be received by 1st January 2017.

    Please contact IOI-Canada for more information on this course or the possibility of customised training in either Canada or another country. Dalhousie University graduate students interested in the programme should also contact us to discuss registering for audit, or for credit if the appropriate arrangements are made and an extra assignment completed.

    2016 Training Programme

    This year's Ocean Governance course ran from 18th May to 15th July 2016.  See below for:

    2015 Training Programme

    The 35th Anniversary Training Programme ran from 20th May - 17th July 2015. Download the detailed 2015 COURSE REPORT for an official summary of the programme, with full syllabus and details of participants, lecturers and funders.

    2015 participants at Bedford Institute of Oceanography

    2014 Training Programme

    2014 Round Table: Panel, Participants and Course Director

    Download the 2014 COURSE REPORT

    2013 Training Programme
    2013 class: GIS session (photo credit: D. Theophille)

    Download the 2013 COURSE REPORT

    2012 Training Programme
    Closing Ceremony of 2012 Training Programme

    Download the 2012 COURSE REPORT

    2011 Training Programme

    2011 field trip: Bay of Fundy lobster boat

    Download the 2011 COURSE REPORT, or for a more informal and humorous take on the course, see the speech by 2011 participant Parinda Ranasinghe, delivered at the Closing Ceremony on behalf of the class.

    2010 Training Programme

      Presentation of 30th Anniversary plaque to Mike Butler, Director,
    by participants of the 2010 course

    This course marked the 30th anniversary of the training programme, held at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia each year since 1981. Download the 2010 Course Report (1.2 MB pdf).

    The 2009 Course Report (842 KB pdf) is also available, as is an informal course summary (1.8 MB pdf) from one of the 2009 participants.   Some information on the previous programmes, dating back to the first course in 1981, can be found in the Alumni section of this website.  For further details on any of our past courses, please contact IOI-Canada.


    Last updated: 12th October 2016