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2019 Training Programme:
Background Reading

In preparation for the training programme, participants are strongly encouraged to familiarise themselves with relevant background material prior to the start of the course. You will find some suggestions below, and the list may be added to or modified closer to the start of the course. Obviously you are not expected to study all the websites and documents in detail, but the more material you are familiar with, the better prepared you will be for the lectures.

One key resource is IOI-Canada's recently published volume of essays: THE FUTURE OF OCEAN GOVERNANCE AND CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT - ESSAYS IN HONOUR OF ELISABETH MANN BORGESE (1918-2002).  Commemorating the 100th anniversary of EMB's birth, this publication features contributions from over 80 specialists and practitioners in the field of ocean governance. It is based on themes and issues covered in IOI-Canada's interdisciplinary training programme.  For publication information and to download essays via open access, go to the Brill web page for the book

The COURSE READER is also useful for reference purposes, providing a source of key international legal instruments. It contains over 800 pages of texts divided into three main subject areas: 1) General Law of the Sea and Fisheries; 2) Climate Change; and 3) Maritime Safety & Security, and Marine Pollution.  Participants can download the electronic version, and a hard copy is also available during the course, upon request. Note that readings and resources will also be provided by individual speakers during the programme, reflecting the issues and subject matter in their own lecture.

General Documents and Websites

UN Websites and Documents

UN Conferences on Sustainable Development

      2012 (Rio+20: Brazil)

     2002 (Rio+10: South Africa)

      1992 (Rio: Brazil)


Last updated: 5th September 2019